Year / Make / Model:2005 Honda Civic Si
Chassis Code:EP3
Launch RPM:4,000 RPM
Shift RPM:7,200 RPM
Redline RPM:8,000 RPM
Peak Boost:18 psi
Fuel:92 Octane

Engine Code:K24A2
Displacement (cc):2,354cc
Bore & Stroke (mm):87mm x 99mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM):520whp @7,500 RPM
Peak Torque (@ RPM):385 lb-ft @ 5,800 RPM
Dyno Type:Dynapack
Compression Ratio:8.8:1
Piston Rings:Wiseco
Connecting Rods:Eagle Rods
Crank:Stock Crank
Bearings, Main and Rod:Clevite Bearings
Camshafts:Kelford Stage 2 Turbo Cams
Valves/Springs/Retainers:Supertech Head Package
Cylinder Head Modifications:.5mm Oversized Pistons
Head / Main StudsARP Head Studs
Intake Manifold:Magnus Motorsports K24A2 Intake Manifold
Throttle Body:90mm K-Tuned Throttle Body
Air Induction System:Turbocharger
Exhaust Manifold:Full-Race Motorsports Twin-Scroll Turbo Manifold
Exhaust System / Downpipe3″ Full-Race Downpipe to 3″ Greddy Evo TT Exhuast
Wastegate:Greddy Evo TT
Blow-Off Valve:TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valve
Intercooler:Full-Race Motorsports Intercooler
Fuel Injectors:South Bay Fuel Injectors, 1200cc
Fuel Pump(s)Deatchwerks 65W w/ Bosch 044 Inline
Engine Management SystemHondata K-Pro
Engine Management Tuner:Hondata K-Pro
Boost Controller:AEM 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid
Spark Plugs:Bosch BKR7EIX
Cooling System:Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
Oil System:Mishimoto Oil cooler, Modified S2000 Oil Pump
Performance Electronic:AEM Boost, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Air/Fuel and Volt Gauges

Turbocharger:S300SX3 Turbocharger
Compressor Wheel Specs:60mm
Turbine Wheel Specs:66mm
Turbine Housing:T4 Twin Flow Turbine Inlet

Sway Bars:OE Front, 22mm Rear Sway
Chassis Bracing:C-Pillar Bar, Skunk2 tie Bar and Control Arms
Ride Height:Approximately Lowered 2″
Transmission:OEM 5 Speed w/ M-Factory LSD
Clutch:Competition Stage 5, 6-Puck Clutch
Flywheel:Competition Lightweight Flywheel
Differential(s)M-Factory LSD
Axles / Driveshaft:Driveshaft Shop Axles, OEM Intermediate Shaft
Wheels (Make, Size & Offset):Volk Racing TE37SL, 17×9 +22, 5×114.3
Tires (Make & Size):Toyo R888R, 245/40R17 (F), 235/40R17 (R)
Brake Calipers (F&R):K-Sport 8 Piston (F), K-Sport 4 Piston (R)
Brake Rotors (Diameter, F&R):13″ K-Sport Rotors All Around
Brake Pads (Front & Rear):K-Sport Performance Pads
Brake Lines:K-Sport Stainless Steel Braided Lines

Roll Bar / Cage:Custom Made 1 Piece Half Cage
Seats:Corbeau Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seats
Harnesses:Takata Drift 3 Harnesses
Steering Wheel / Quick Release:Personal Neo Grinta 350mm Wheel
NRG Short Hub w/ Quick Tilt
Gauges:AEM Boost, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Air/Fuel and Colt Gauges


Front Bumper:02-03 Type R Front Bumper
Front Lip / Spoiler:02-03 Walker Japan Front Lip
Front Fenders:Anointed Aero 30mm Over Fenders
Hood:Seibon MG Style Carbon Fiber Hood
Side Skirts:02-05 Type R Side Skirts
Rear Fenders:Custom Cut, Pulled and Flared Rear Quarters
Rear Bumper:02-05 Type R Rear Bumper
Rear Diffuser:Ubermade EP3 Type R Spec Diffuser
Trunk Lid:Seibon Carbon Rear Hatch
Rear Spoiler / Wing:Seibon Carbon MG Style Spoiler
Headlights / Taillights:UKDM Type R, Honda Headlights
Mirrors:APR GT-3 Mirrors Mounted On Seibon Carbon Plate
Grill:VIS Racing MG Style Carbon Fiber Front Grill
Paint:Full Repaint Of Vivid Blue Pearl

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