Fuel Pump Showcase: Strength in Numbers


With a turn of the key, your ears, skin and teeth are overwhelmed by an external fuel pump vibrating at the same frequency as an ultrasonic electric toothbrush. Instead of vibrating soft bristles against your tooth’s enamel to remove plaque, the continuous, unrelenting buzz from the mega-flow pump acts like an enhanced interrogation device. During the early years of import performance, both competition and serious-street-performance cars relied upon these noise-polluting pumps to meet the fuel flow demands of highhorsepower, fuel-injected engines. Not even giving up your country’s top secrets would stop the torture dished out from these pumps. Fortunately, those…

Camshaft Showcase: 4G63 EVO Build


Mitsubishi’s 4G63 engine is arguably one of the best four-cylinder engines ever built. While the early variants set records powering DSMs, later versions of the engine propelled the EVO VIII and EVO IX. In terms of strength, power potential and ease of service, the 4G63 engine simply has no equal. When DSPORT set out to conduct an extensive camshaft showcase, the 4G63 EVO VIII engine was the obvious choice. Thanks to the Volumetric Efficicency (VE)-based technology in the latest-generation of aftermarket ECUs, DSPORT is able to conduct the most comprehensive, accurate and repeatable “cam-paro” ever. Text by Michael Ferrara //…