2019 Tokyo Auto Salon Tour


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 The Ultimate Tokyo Experience 

  • Tokyo Auto SalonDSPORT TAS

The mecca for the best and latest in JDM tuning.  We arrive early and first check out some of the streetcar builds in the parking lot. By 9am, our VIP passes will get us in with the press to be the first to see the stars of the show. For four hours, our group has the opportunity to check out the show before the massive influx from the opening to the general public ticket holders. This is the time to get the best shots of the cars, parts and models..

  • Nissan Heritage CollectionDSPORT TAS

On the first day of the tour you’ll take an exclusive trip to the Nissan Heritage Collection at the Zama facility, home of the Nissan DNA Garage. Although this facility is not open to the public, Nissan has graciously welcomed the DSPORT TAS Tour to visit each year. With examples ranging from the earliest machines, like 1930s Datsun models, Prince Skylines from the 1960s and Nissan’s S30 Fairlady Zs up to today’s R35 GT-R, over 400 vehicles chronicled the company’s long and illustrious history.

  • DSPORT Tuner Challenge

Included in the DSPORT Tokyo Auto Salon Tour is our competition track event in Japan, the DSPORT Tuner Challenge.  Last year we teamed up with T&E VERTEX to give you an opportunity of a lifetime.  Tour members get ride alongs in pro D1 drift cars around the famed Mobara Circuit.  Then the pro drivers compete in a drift competition and grip car sessions right in front of us.  Throughout the day you’ll be able to meet and greet with your favorite drivers such as Takahiro Ueno of T&E VERTEX.  This is your chance to get up close and personal with D1 and FD Japan cars on the same track at the same time!

  • Tomei Powered 
  • TEIN Factory Tour
  • UpGarage

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